Learn How to Host an Eco Party

Möbius Home Invites you to Host an Eco Party.
You Invite the Guests.
Möbius Home Takes Care of the Rest!

These parties are a fun and enlightening method to guiding you, your friends and acquaintances to renew your commitment to fostering new and improved ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

For your participation, Möbius Home offers your choice to style your room for the event or receive a complimentary half hour design consultation. In addition, you and your guests will receive a gift certificate worth 10% off services from Möbius Home.

How creative can we get in first reducing, next reusing, and finally recycling? It’s all about simplifying, without compromising our values or aesthetics. We live the lifestyle we love, and contribute to the solution!


It is a fun and informative exchange of ideas. You choose the topics you’d like to have covered, and in turn, we share what each of us already does. We encourage you to bring examples of something unique you already do. Hearing stories from friends, we are inspired to make changes in our own practices.

After completing a checklist, everyone is introduced to lifestyle issues you may not have considered. AND, all guests, from eco-novices to green home experts, gain new ideas that can be implemented right away.

PLUS, we’ll ask your guests to bring one or two gently used items from home (pillows, dishes, other accessories) to exchange at the end of the event. Now, that’s a resourceful parting gift, right? Anything left behind will be donated to the Community Warehouse.


You choose the location. It can be at home, or in your work space.


Generally weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons.
Anytime during the year. You pick the date.
All we ask is that you schedule a month in advance.

How long?

Approximately 1.5 hours.

How many can participate?

At minimum 8 (including you, the host).
From there, as many people that can fit comfortably at the location.

What do I need to do?

Invite the guests. That’s it.
And if you wish, serve a light snack or cookies. Something easy and simple.
You’ll even receive an invitation template you can use. How’s that for simplifying?

What does Möbius Home do?

Certified Master Recycler, and Möbius Home Chief Design Maven, Lynn Feinstein, and a volunteer from the Center for Earth Leadership, will facilitate the meeting.

What topics are covered?

These include:

  • Green Cleaner info and demonstration to make your own.
  • Clarifying Recycling Questions
  • Unravel the Mysteries of Plastics
  • Creative Ways to Reduce and Reuse
  • Creating a Hazardless Home
  • Energy Savings and Water Conservation
  • Food Composting

You will receive a questionnaire that will determine which topics are covered.

If there is anything you don’t see and would like it added as a topic, let us know, and we’ll be happy to include it.

Go to the Möbius Home Contact page and express your interest in hosting a Home Eco Party. We’ll be in touch to arrange details or answer any further questions you may have. Thank you for being an agent of change!