5 Interior Tips & Trends to Apply To Your Space While Staying in Place

How do you like that? A title that rhymes. Ha!

On April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we held our adapted Style and Sustainability Workshop online, where we covered tips and trends on mindfully decorating your own space. Over all it went well, but as seems to be common, we had a technical issue. I lost sound during Q&A at the end, and did my best to answer the questions through the chat box.

I wasn’t able to give a sufficient answer to all of them, and in our post webinar survey, a few people were disappointed with those answers. It’s the challenge of offering sound advice as an interior designer. Often it requires further thought and research. A doctor won’t give a patient all the answers they want, even if they are expecting one right away, until they have done their research. We encourage and welcome you to send us questions about your decorating challenges to: info@mobiushome.com. Then we have the time to thoughtfully consider your questions and do some investigation using our resources, before sending a reply.

And now, some tips…..

#1: Refresh Your Old Sofa

Instead of replacing your worn out sofa, consider a refresh with new cushions and updated upholstery if it still has good bones.

Before and After (In Progress)

 #2: Curate Your Collectibles

Following a basic principle from the Renaissance, create a flow of your objects, collectibles or furnishings, that allows the eye to follow, to create movement and visual interest. Place objects low to high to low, or high to low to high. Also, pair objects that are alike in shape, style, color, patterns or materials.

#3: Upcycling

The photos below are created by Shannon Quimby and are perfect examples of upcycling, or taking something old or worn out, and turning it into something new. On the left, she found old beer and wine bottles and turned them into pendant lighting over her table, in the middle, she converted old sweaters into poufs, and on the right, she hacked an old IKEA dresser and added scrap wood to it, and created an ombre painting technique with no VOC paint.

#4: Bring the Outside In

A major trend in 2020-21 is an ever growing need to be connected with nature and bring those elements indoors, either with live plants, or plant inspired graphic elements, materials, textures and color.

#5: Sourcing Mindfully

The Sustainable Furnishings Council has an ongoing campaign called “What’s It Made Of?”, which is an easy question to remember to ask yourself before buying anything new. Below is useful information to know before you purchase.