Our clients Liz and Jim from Hawthorne Auto Clinic contacted us because their waiting area was in need of a full make-over. The floors were worn and tattered, walls dirty and the chairs on their last legs. We of course wanted to help, especially since they care about the environment and wanted the update to use sustainable materials wherever possible.

The waiting area chairs came from Green Furniture Solutions. The luscious live edge side tables and bench were custom made with stained juniper, an invasive species that is harvested and sourced from NW Sustainable Wood. The new flooring, sourced from Area Floors, has recycled content in it while being extra durable in this commercial interior design.

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We hired Lynn to design and oversee refurbishment of the waiting room and front office in our auto repair business. The space had been in service for over 20 years and was looking worn, the furnishings stained and threadbare. We appreciated that her communications with us about the project were regular and thorough; we were always in the loop on what was happening when, She took pains to see that the contractors completed the work to our satisfaction, and was able to arrange for the work to be done outside of business hours, minimizing disruption to our operations. Most importantly, she considered our tastes and values, selecting materials and furniture using recycled content and which were sustainably produced. We are proud to have a space which is attractive and soothing to both customers and staff. We recommend Mobius Home without hesitation!

Liz Dally

Owner, Hawthorne Auto Clinic



Portland OR, 97215


(503) 285-2331