Redecorate Resourcefully and Cost Free

With a bit of ingenuity, a minimal amount of work and a creative imagination, you can redecorate your interior and exterior property without spending money. The environment also benefits when utilizing existing materials already on hand to decorate a room or outdoor area. Recycling old materials can provide an exquisite makeover without investing anything other than a can of paint.

Recreating Old Furniture Pieces:

  • When you think “out of the box”, there is no end to the design creation. An old dresser turns into a beautiful window seat. After removing the dresser legs, lay a decorative cushion or blanket and some throw pillows on the top of the dresser and place in a window with a view, interior walkway or room corner. The top of the dresser functions as the seating space. Additionally, the dresser drawers provide convenient storage space. Whether or not you should add a coat of paint depends on your design preference. Leaving the dresser in the original state creates an antique “shabby chic” style while a coat of paint creates the perfect modern accent piece for any room. Using this same dresser concept produces a versatile coffee table with built in drawers as well as a child’s toy box.
  • An old baby crib can become a decorative quilt or magazine rack in very little time and with hardly any effort. Once you remove the side railing sections of the crib, simply display them vertically against any wall. Hang your favorite quilts over the individual posts or drape magazines, hanging them by their spine, with the front magazine cover facing out.

Window Treatments:

  • Window treatments can run rather costly yet the average household contains a variety of fabrics and prints for the choosing. Common bed linens come in an array of colors, styles and sizes, are machine washable and require little work in constructing. With the help of a measuring stick or tape, thread, a needle and a pair of scissors, cut out your own patterns for beautiful yet original window treatment designs.

See this article for a no sew option: One Yard, No Sew Window Treatment 3 Ways.

Exterior Property Decor:

  • When gardening season rolls around, instead of purchasing flower boxes, using an old antique bed frame adds a unique and stunning conversation piece to any front yard or flower garden. Simply remove the headboard and foot-board and use as the exterior back and front walls of your garden. Plant rows of your favorite flowers in the ground area located between the head and foot-board. Once the flowers reach maturity, they become the bed spread, creating a literal floral bed.
  • Any common item can become an eye-catching masterpiece. An old claw-footed bathtub serves as the perfect container garden. Just drill a few holes in the bottom of the bathtub and fill with gardening soil. This design idea works perfectly for areas with minimal gardening space or for growing any type of small herb, vegetable or flower garden.
Clawfoot Tub Planter Box

Clawfoot Tub Planter Box

Antique Bed Frame Planter Box

Antique Bed Frame Planter Box