Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s your interior decorating process?

Step #1:
We begin with a complimentary 30 min. phone consultation to discover your interior decorating goals.

Step #2:
We ask you to fill out a detailed decorating questionnaire to learn more about you, your style, and your lifestyle.

Step #3:
For local clients, we schedule an initial on-site consultation.
For remote clients, we have you send us photos and dimensions of your spaces.

Step #4:
You will receive an estimate with a scope of work to review.

Step #5:
Both local and remote clients review designs and give feedback through our online platform.
While working together, we communicate weekly with updates and check-ins.

Step #6:
For Remote Design and DIY with Benefits, a shopping list is provided for you to purchase items as time and budget allows.
For Full Service Design, we will do the shopping for you.

Step #7:
Time to set up the space! You’ll have a floor plan and instructions to follow.

For both remote and local projects we give the same attention to detail. We offer a variety of packages
we can customize as needed.

Q: Which interior decorating styles can you cater for?

We enjoy the challenge of mixing diverse styles and even competing styles to create a balanced and harmonious space for our clients. Our focus is on eco-friendly practices, styles ranging from Eclectic, Midcentury Modern, Global, and more.

Q: What is the difference of working online remotely vs. on-site visits?

On site services are for local clients only. We travel up to 20 miles from our office to visit locations on-site. To travel further than that, we charge a travel fee. Or you can choose to work with us remotely. Both local and remote clients receive decorating concepts to review through our online platform.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

We love three things in particular:

1) Meeting and getting to know you.
2) Designing curated rooms for you.
3) Sourcing new product and materials that are sustainable and safe for the environment, and recommending whether to refinish, reupholster or repurpose your existing items.

Q: Why should I choose you?

We guide you in creating a balanced, design savvy and beautiful interior space beginning with your own furniture and accessories. If you want to buy something new, we focus on sourcing safe and sustainably manufactured product, free of VOCs and other hazardous materials. Our interior decorating solutions are a great alternative to the inconvenience & expense of remodeling your space.