Sustainable Furniture Purchasing Tips

The Sustainable Furnishings Counsel created these guidelines to help you choose mindfully manufactured furniture. The SFC is a non-profit, balanced coalition of the home furnishings industry and environmental leaders. Their mission is to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness among suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, designers and consumers. It is their belief that sustainable practices are those that support a healthy balance between the environment, social equity, and local economy.

Before purchasing new furniture, consider these questions the next time you make a purchase:

• Where does the wood come from that was used in this furniture?
• Is the wood third-party certified? (FSC and/or SFI approved).
• Does this manufacturer have a Social Equity Code of Conduct for the production processes?
• Does this manufacturer have an energy use reduction plan?
• Where was this furniture manufactured?
• Were paints or finishes with high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) used on this product?

We can all do our part through our purchasing power to slow down the effects of global climate change, and make the choice to support companies that put an effort into their part as well.

For more information, please check out their website.