Westmoreland Townhome

Westmoreland Townhome

Our clients moved from a condo in Seattle to a townhome in the Sellwood neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. We designed the rooms and sourced new items to go with their existing items, in the great room (kitchen, dining, living, entryway), plus a bedroom they converted to a home office.

She originally came from Hong Kong, and had some traditional artwork and other pieces from her home country to be placed in areas where she could enjoy them. She is a musician and therapist, her husband preferred a more industrial style being an engineer.

We added wood tones for warmth, but the general palette is neutral grays and off-whites, with pops of color in their own area rugs, accessories and artwork. They also liked a more cozy feel, in their living room they used mostly to watch TV, entertain and read.

Many of their pieces were vintage finds, and the new items, the sofa, chairs, side tables, bar, counter stools and coffee table are a combination of locally sourced and eco-friendly. The record shelves were custom built and designed by a local metal working shop. The “his, hers and theirs” bulletin boards in the office, were custom made by Alexandra herself!

Lynn helped us set up our living room and our office. She listened to what our needs are and paid attention to our likes and dislikes. She gives us practical feedback, i.e. she was honest with us with what will work and what doesn’t work. Most important, we love her taste! Our living room and our office are our favorite rooms now.

C.T. Lee

Relocation from Seattle to Sellwood



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