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We’ve created this interior design shop to share our designer’s curated ideas for interiors. Have fun discovering new ideas and items we’ve selected and approved as safe and healthy alternatives to your interior space. Pieces are selected from vendors who are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

If you wish to see more options or have questions or comments to share, please, Contact us! We welcome hearing from you.


Spring Dreaming


Shop the Look! Dreaming of Spring? Here’s a fresh look that brings renewal to your space!

The wall color is Jungle Adventure 0739, from local Portland vendor Miller Paint. Aren’t we all are dreaming of some exotic adventure right now?

Below we’ve added alternative options in case what you see above isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

Boho Coastal Retreat


Shop the Look! Feeling the pandemic restlessness and anxiety ? This board will inspire you to shop some items and create your “Boho Coastal Retreat”, including a holiday version! You have the option to mix and match with either version.

Set up a room in your home wherever you live, or in that coastal retreat you may already have. Inducing the calm you seek, this retreat gives you permission to snuggle in on a stormy winter day, far away from the mayhem of current events, and dreaming of exotic adventures to enjoy when it’s safe to do so again. All made with natural materials: cotton, wool, alpaca, silk, metal, wood & ceramic.

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