Style & Sustainability Workshop

We held our workshop as a webinar and video tutorial, on April 22, 2020, the 50th anniversary of earth day! This was a necessary adjustment after COVID-19 forced us all to social distance.

When it comes to interior decorating, does it ever feel like you have to choose between making sustainable choices for your home and creating stylish spaces that feel both refreshed and completely you? We believe in making mindful choices in interior decorating while capturing the eclectic aspects that make us all individuals. How do we do this? Our interior design experts find it best to workshop our visions and the visions of our clients using mood boards.

Mood boards are a very useful tool in interior decorating when attempting to convey the feeling that you want for your space. They can help to convey color scheme, style, and furniture pieces you would like to be present. Mood boards can be especially helpful when thinking of sustainable decorating. If you use what you have in the way of furniture as a basis for your design, you can reduce the need to buy new products. At the same time, understanding the feeling you want in your space can help in the search for recycled products, refurbished products, or else, mindfully sourced products.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the looks you have or the exact look of what you found. Some of the most successful reupholstered furniture stores in Portland, such as Acanthus and Revive PDX provide services to refurbish and renew older furniture into beautiful and relevant pieces for your space. Upcycling these items is also an option for the at heart. With our guidance, you will be able to create the space of your dreams, with the smallest impact on the environment possible.

For this reason, the interior decorating experts at Mobius Home chose to provide the style and sustainability online workshop on the 50th Anniversary of Earthday, April 22, 2020, to give you an inside look into our process of mindful interior decoration. The style and sustainability online workshop was designed to inspire and empower you to create a space that reflects your individual tastes and vision while drawing on expert advice in design, furniture and accessory placement, and sustainable sourcing practices.

Owner and chief designer of Mobius Home, Lynn Feinstein, spoke on how to source mindfully manufactured furniture, explored creative upcycling, introduced color and current trends, and unveiled the principles behind cohesively pulling together the many items you already own to work in your refreshed spaces.

After the presentation, attendees viewed a thoughtful and inspiring video instructing them on creating a personalized mood board with help from the Mobius Home, Interior Decorating expert team. Click here to view the video.

If you’d like assistance with creating a mood board and shopping list, we have a new service: ONE DAY AND DONE! Click here to learn more!