Pittock Mansion Centennial Holiday Exhibit

Möbius Home joined more than 80 volunteers who spent the better part of two days decorating the Pittock Mansion, a tradition that has been going on for the past 40 years. The Pittock Mansion turned 100 in 2014, hence the theme: Centennial Holiday Exhibit: Christmas Past, Present and Future.

We decorated the cozy South Bedroom (Kate’s room) to decorate. Kate’s room takes place in Christmas Present and represents Kate herself, who was a modern woman in her day. She was active in music, business, community, and the outdoors, climbing Mt. Hood with the Mazamas on one of their first ascent. She was a true Oregonian and Portland native, and would fit in quite comfortably with our present culture today.

Her room’s theme is a mix of Winter Wonderland and a cozy cabin in the mountains, representative of her lifestyle, Portland’s creative and DIY culture, and the majestic view of Mt. Hood out her window. All the décor was custom made by Lynn and her amazing cadre of assistants, using gathered materials from nature, or salvaged and reused materials whenever possible.